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12/13/2001 More than 122,800 fans have signed up @gorgor.com and growing! Get Your FREE eMail Account @GORGOR.COM.
11/10/2001 eCard PROBLEM FIXED! Some visitors having problems when sending eCard to an address outside lesliecheung.com, this problem is due to SMTP security settings and it has been fixed! Please try again!
11/9/2001 LCIFC eCard service is FREE, dedicated for those who adore Leslie to send greetings to their friends and families.
11/8/2001 LCIFC Application Development team has completed the interative eCard, final testing and adding more eCard images to the database
11/5/2001 Hong Kong Web and application servers upgrade in progress, all servers will be equipped with 1G ECC RAM to cope with the heavy loading and traffic.
10/20/2001 LCIFC is UNDER ATTACK! Both US and CN servers were down temporarily for about 10 minutes due to Denial of Services (DOS) attacks from China. Hong Kong and Japan servers aren't affected by the hackers!
10/20/2001 Alert! LCIFC network security team is working with data centers in US and China to block DOS attacks and tracing the source, you may experience some problems for the next 4 to 5 hours. This is normal!
10/16/2001 Added 3 virtual streaming servers in Vegas (US), Tokyo (JP) and Shanghai (CN) to distribute the on-line multimedia loading
10/12/2001 2 load balanced servers added to North America to split the heavy loadings
10/1/2001 Secured redirect domain name as http://go.to/lesliecheung
9/13/2001 CONFIRMED! SHC CO. will ship the photobook 'Leslie in China' by DHL today!
9/2/2001 'Leslie in China' Photobook confirmation will be sent to you by 10:00PM (Hong Kong Time), please carefully check the details, please contact info@lesliecheung.com immediately if you find errors.
8/24/2001 LCIFC Application Development Team has completed the Jukebox
8/22/2001 LCIFC Editorial team has complete the formatting for Newspaper (1997 - 1999) and Magazine (1986 - 1996))
8/17/2001 You may encounter slow access to lesliecheung.com today, as there have been more than 760 downloads for the LCIFC screen saver within the first 5 hours around the world!
8/11/2001 Live Brocast Schedule" ATV's "Who Wants to be A Millionaire" (TENTATIVE) Member Only
8/8/2001 LCIFC Editorial team is changing all articles format under newspaper and magazine to the standard of double spaced Chinese characters for easy reading
7/29/2001 LCIFC Application Development Team has tuned up the performance of the forum and made some adjustment to the LCIFC forum
6/24/2001 LCIFC network security team has traced back hacking source 61.136.10.X and contacted several major ISPs in China, proper legal action will be taken to against the hacker in this incidence.
6/11/2001 LCIFC Application Development has fixed the bug in voting system, thank you Carol for letting us know
6/9/2001 LCIFC Application Development is working on the e-Card which will allow user to send Leslie's e-card via mobile phone (WAP enabled application)
6/9/2001 The result of the Best of Year 2001 Article Selection will be announced on June 15, 2001
4/14/2001 LCIFC Application Development team has successfully launched the movie sample clips application, the first one is the famous 'One Minute Friend' from Days being Wild Member Only
4/7/2001 New Public Chat Rooms, join and meet fans from all over the world!
4/6/2001 Please vote for your favorite albums under Music section. Our application development team has completed the Voting System for Album collection, following will be Movie Voting and Song Voting.
4/5/2001 Vote for your favorite songs in EACH album, please go to Album Colleciton, then choose an album, next select a song within that album and simply vote.
4/5/2001 Vote for your favorite movies, our application development team has completed and tested the voting system for movie section.
3/24/2001 Autography booklet shipping: LCIFC will start to ship all autography booklet from the first week in April by registered mail.
3/23/2001 NEW domain name lesliecheung.org has been reserved by LCIFC for future use, we plan to move our entire member comunity to this new domain later in mid-2001.
3/12/2001 Network Alert: Major connection between Asia and USA were cut off last week, it will take about 2 weeks to repair, you will experience slow connections to Hong Kong. Please be patient!
2/27/2001 Notice: LCIFC's server in Hong Kong will be down from 4:00PM to 8:00PM for system maintenance
2/26/2001 New design for front page and movie section
2/10/2001 Our ISP PCCW/Hong Kong Telecom is currently having major oversea network problem, you may experience extremely slow connection to Hong Kong. Please be patient and thank you for your notice.
2/9/2001 Free on-line language translator, powered by AltaVista
1/31/2001 Better CRM with updated FAQ section
1/23/2001 LCIFC wishes Leslie Cheung fans around the world a very happy Chinese New Year!
1/12/2001 Editorial team will start to integrate old content into the site this week.
1/11/2001 New auction site has been completed. It's FREE and powered by Pai Mai Asia.
1/4/2001 Development team has finished the on-line shopping mall enhancement.
1/4/2001 Web design team has completed the enhancement of serveral major section according to user's feedback.
12/30/2000 Fourth live streaming server added for the coming Jan 7, 2001 live brocasting of RTHK's anti-smoking movie, directed by Leslie Cheung.
12/29/2000 2 more dedicated streaming servers have been added in order to handle the expected high traffic on Jan 7, 2001 live broadcast.
12/28/2000 Now site search engine supports more than 30 languages. Search engine was fine tuned by our experienced system administrator for performance gain.
12/27/2000 Advanced search engine added, powered by AltaVista
12/26/2000 More countries has been added to Member Community. Exisiting member needs to enable the public view profile under Modify Account. Member Only
12/25/2000 Junk mail filters installed to protect members from receiving undesired spam.
12/24/2000 Re-launch opening lucky draw, more than 100 gifts for those who successfully become LCIFC members before Jan 31, 2000. (Existing members are entered the draw automatically)
12/20/2000 Established live broadcasting server for real time streaming purpose.
12/18/2000 Existing members database integration from USA UNIX server to HK NT server completed
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