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"To build a virtual community for Lesile's fans around the world."
- by LCIFC in year 2000 re-launch

Currently there are 550 visitors on-line, 12,230 articles, 28,536 photos, 5,683 audio & video clips, 300 store items, 47,000 posted messages. 170,923,848 page views since JAN 2001

What's New

What's New - Introduction
6/23/2004 Press Releases: LCIFC has secured domain name lesl...
4/6/2004 Press Releases: LCIFC has secured domain name lesl...
10/3/2003 Press Releases: Temporary suspension of LCIFC disc...
9/7/2003 Press Releases: LCIFC 2003 Best Articles Selection...
8/16/2003 Press Releases: Exclusive Partnership with Sapphir...
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What's New - Music
1/7/2004 'Glass of Love' (Piano Version) Member Only
1/1/2004 Jukebox (2004-01): 'Fate'
12/3/2003 Jukebox (2003-12): 'Wei Nin Zhong Qing'
11/7/2003 Jukebox (2003-11): 'A Smiling Face'
11/5/2003 Soundtrack: Temptress Moon Member Only
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What's New - Movie
10/25/2003 TV Series: Director's comment about The Young Conc... Member Only
10/8/2003 TV Series: Women 33 Member Only
8/24/2003 Movie: Dog Bites Dog Bone Member Only
8/5/2003 TV Series: The Young Concubine Member Only
7/26/2003 TV Series: City of Sand Member Only
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What's New - News
9/13/2004 News: Happy Birthday events organized by fans Member Only
9/6/2004 News: 'Time with Leslie' will be released in Chine... Member Only
4/27/2004 News: Fans will send flowers to the ceremony of Av... Member Only
4/24/2004 News: Leslie and Anita will shine on the Avenue Of... Member Only
4/7/2004 News: The second version of Scalded Fireworks VCD Member Only
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What's New - Gallery
4/12/2004 Multimedia: Interview with Gor Gor Charity of Frie... Member Only
4/7/2004 Multimedia: CRHK Memorial Program by Vani Member Only
4/3/2004 Multimedia: CRHK Memorial Program - Afternoon Heav... Member Only
4/3/2004 Multimedia: RTHK Memorial Program - Show Biz Member Only
4/2/2004 Multimedia: Cha Siu Yan's Talk Show (2004/04/02) Member Only
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What's New - Store
6/4/2004 Please note we have changed the store default curr...
4/4/2004 VCD: Scalded Fireworks - Memorial MV
4/3/2004 Magazine: Ming Pao Weekly Special Edition with Mem...
4/2/2004 Magazine: Leslie No Toki (Leslie's Time - Japanese...
4/2/2004 DVD & VCD: Leslie Shaw Brothers Film Package
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What's New - Forum
4/21/2007 New Guestbook launched
9/9/2004 Happy Birthday Leslie 2004!
3/30/2004 Please sign the Memorial Gu...
3/23/2004 What has happened to LCIFC's servers recently?
3/13/2004 Comment about Anthony home concert DVD
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What's New - Auction
1/25/2003 1986 'Love Fire' Album Photo Album
1/25/2003 1989 Stark Impressions
1/25/2003 Farewell to My Concubine Special Editon Booklet
12/11/2002 Magazine: 1985 Good Time Magazine (Taiwan)
12/10/2002 Photo Book: 1989 Stark Impressions
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What's New - Member
5/31/2005 Attention Mr. John Luke, please contact us for you...
8/10/2003 WARNING! Sharing Accounts: we have recently disabl...
1/8/2003 Tomoko Oshi please contact us ASAP for your recent...
12/18/2002 LCIFC wishes everyone Merry Xmas and Happy New Yea...
9/30/2002 Iris Fong and Queenie Lam, thank you very much for...
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What's New - LCIFC
4/27/2004 Bid LCIFC membership on eBay
3/30/2004 Public access to LCIFC discussion forum has been r...
3/10/2004 Notice to all FREE MAIL @GORGOR.COM user, if you s...
3/5/2004 System Notice: Major hardware failure on our centr...
1/3/2004 LCIFC network team has successfully upgraded its g...
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