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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Introduction Section
Question: How long has LCIFC been established?
Answer: LCIFC was established in September 12, 1994 in Hong Kong.
Question: Who is the founder of LCIFC?
Answer: Leslie Cheung Internet Fan Club was established by Chi Tao in 1994.
Question: I knew Leslie has won many prestigious awards, where can I find the related information?
Answer: They can be found at the Awards and Honors section.
Question: Does Leslie know about LCIFC?

Yes, both Leslie and his manager Ms.Florance Chan are awared of LCIFC and Leslie also has a print copy of LCIFC. (Sept. 1997 version).

Recently, there has been constant contact between LCIFC and Leslie's business partner Mr. Alvin Leong from APEX Music Production.

Question: I am a Japanese fan, I heard there is a Leslie biography available in Japanese?
Answer: The Japanese version of biography can be found here.
Question: What does LCIFC stands for?
Answer: LCIFC stands for Leslie Cheung Internet Fan Club
Question: Is there an autobiography interview from Leslie in audio format?
Answer: Leslie did a comprehensive biography interview with RTHK in 1986.
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